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Strong organizations are built on STRONG TEAMS!

"Team building can help your organization achieve higher profits and reduce employee turnover. A culture of strong teamwork instills respect, and responsibility."

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Turn Strategy into ACTION!

"It’s well worth noting that 70% of CEOs who fail, do so not because of bad strategy, but because of poor strategy implementation."

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All decisions are EMOTIONAL!

"The most important sales skills? Understanding your buyers. Establishing credibility quickly and illustrating similar values helps remove the resistance to buying."

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An organization without effective communication is destined to run into many challenges…Read More

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You want your employees actively engaged in their roles and generating business results…Read More

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By engaging their teams to find solutions, top leaders are able to create a sense of ownership…Read More

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People buy from people they trust, which is a problem for most sales teams who are taught…Read More

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learning solutions

Team building can help your organization achieve higher profits and reduce employee turnover…Read More

Learning is about transformation from within; producing fundamental changes in thinking, acting, and being. These changes create the
long-term solutions needed to drive success.


Over 45% of the world’s best-managed companies trust our learning solutions to develop their greatest resource – the people who drive their businesses!

Learn2 Solutions Clients Microsoft
Learn2 Solutions Clients Sony
Learn2 Solutions Clients PWC
Learn2 Solutions Clients Canadian Olympic Committee
Learn2 Solutions Clients Amex
Learn2 Solutions Clients Rogers


Learn2 Solutions Award 2012Doug Bolger & Learn2 receive Meetings Industry Influence Award

Learn2 Solutions Award 20112011 Canadian Olympic Committee Announces Learn2 as their Strategic Partner for High Performance Learning

Learn2 Solutions Award 2009President’s Award from Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Learn2 Solutions Award 2008Industry Development Award from Veterinary Technicians

Learn2 Solutions Award 2006Learning Excellence Award for innovative learning board game

Learn2 Solutions Award 2004Learning Excellence Award for Dream Big – A Life Lesson with Tiger Woods

Learn2 Solutions Award 2003Learning Excellence Award for Drive the Flow™ program

Learn2 Solutions Award 2003Learning Excellence Award for Save the Titanic™ Team Challenge

Learn2 Solutions Award 2001Learning Excellence Award for Space Simulator™ program

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Engaged employees are


more productive.

That is an extra day per week!

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