We’re changing the way the world learns – one person, one company at a time. When passion thrives, and culture jives results will follow.

Learn2 Solutions is all about learning, connectedness, people and culture. This vision has kept us strong for 25 years – it’s supported by our culture, embodied by our core values and it’s at the heart of our success. Which is why we want to get to know you whether there is a current opening or not. In fact most of the time we hire, we pull from a network of people that are connected to Learn2 Solutions even when there are NO job openings because they care about the same things we care about.

Do you want to spend your creative energies building engaging learning solutions so that people and companies do GREAT things?

Do you thrive by helping people or companies achieve more than they thought they could?

Do our values speak to you?

Do you have a mind for designing learning that is driven by participants and business results, not heavy content?

Do you naturally connect with people and build credibility through your connections?

Do you want to grow and be part of a new learning revolution?

Follow Your Passion

Share articles, learning successes, stories and experiences with us or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Get to know us and let us get to know you. That way when an opportunity does come along, we already know what you can bring to the table, and you already know you want to be part of our fabulous team.

Come and take a look at the main areas of our team and find the one that speaks to you and your strengths. Get to know us, start the conversation. It’s the first step to joining the team. 


Problem Solvers and Forward Thinkers

We work with purpose driven clients to pin point their needs and develop solutions that achieve results. This isn’t a typical sales role, but you will be more successful if you can have forward thinking conversations about business problems and solutions with potential clients. You develop and drive new business with a focus on meeting client needs.


Comfortable with Centre Stage, Able to “Go With The Flow”

Learn2 Solutions creates customized, participant centered learning for our clients, and it starts with an intuitive and impactful solution, designed by you. It involves conscious immersion in our clients’ world linked to the award winning processes and exercises that have become a foundation of Learn2 Solutions. If you have the ability to blend many worlds and are skilled at the principles of adult learning design, this may be the place for you.

Facilitators and Coaches

Comfortable with Centre Stage, Able to “Go With The Flow”

Learn2 Solutions is obsessed with participant centred learning. This means that there are no scripts, no set “schedules”, only a direction, and a plan to engage the learners to get there. If you have been successful creating immersive learning experiences with participants, then this is the place for you. Not quite ready to facilitate, but love the idea of supporting the immersive learning experience? Then coaching is more your place. You will be most successful if you are a strong communicator, think quickly on your feet and can trust the process without a firm “script”. We don’t rely on PowerPoint or participant manuals to get us there…only you creating an environment for the learners to jump in.

Support Leaders

Making things tick!

We keep everyone and everything moving forward…from projects and programs to people and priorities…we are the ones that make sure things happen. To be successful in this role, you need to have strong administrative skills, high levels of energy, creativity, and initiative. The little things count and details are important.

How can I stand out from the pack and stay front-and-centre when Learn2 Solutions’ does need someone?

That’s a great question! There are a number of ways to stay in touch, help us get to know you and get to know us better too.

Send us a video cover letter or video resume or some other creative way to show us who you are. Sorry but paper resumes don’t sell you and don’t help you stand out.

Join the L2S social media network – like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn, that way you will be in the loop when we have an immediate need. We also reach out to people for project work, so you never know what may come of your connection.

Reach out to anyone on the team that you feel a connection with. Share an insight or show us what makes you unique

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