Corporate Team Building Activities

You want your corporate team building activities to achieve the outcomes you want. You want your teams engaged and to actively participate. You want the right fit for your corporate teams.

What if you could get a unique design to achieve exactly what you want? What if your activities could fully engage your team, increase your team’s capacity for results and achieve your specific desired results. That is the benefit of a unique design that achieves what you want without costing more.

Corporate teams expect an amazing experience with music, tools and takeaways. Your team building choices focus on achieving value for the team. That means full participation for the team.

The most popular type of corporate team building activities create a shared experience. Your leaders and teams share a memorable experience that connects them and changes how they think. Immersive learning experiences like Save the Titanic and Lead the Endurance are unforgettable. The immersion gets created in the room with sound effects, music, visuals, costumes, and of course the activities. In activities like these, your team gets immersed as one and change their attitudes and behaviors together.

Corporate Team Building ActivitiesThe most common company team building activities focus on producing results. Leaders and teams love offsites and planning sessions because they get to work together to achieve specific improvements in the team. Our clients have found they can improve their process, plan, alignment, organization or results AND achieve a stronger, more aligned corporate team. Often leaders run these sessions themselves and miss out on opportunities for higher engagement, deeper ownership, enhanced capacity and even greater progress in the same amount of time. You want your team to learn to create new capacity and capabilities together AND achieve specific results.

Corporate Team Building ActivitiesBudgets can constrain what is possible for you and your team. This is why more leaders are choosing external facilitators with design expertise to make sure their day is highly productive and builds the team. Think about a team of 30 people. Each one investing 8 hours. That is 240 hours of time and that time costs money. Each minute of the day really costs 30 minutes. So every team building activity must improve our capacity to produce results immediately and in the future. The costs are just too high. Team building exercises that fail to build business value are often a waste of your investment.

Be sure to choose a team building company who will prepare a unique design for your team. Corporate teams demand value for every minute. So be wary of one-off facilitators – find a company with lots of team building programs that achieve different results. Your corporate team building partner can achieve more than you can once they know your team well and will often recommend what is next for your team. If they don’t then you have to complete the buying process all over again which costs you time. So focus your corporate team building activities on business results and find designers like us who engage your team through proven best practice exercises.

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