Executive Team Building

Your busy executives demand value out of every minute of team development. Your executive team expects to expand their capacity to produce results AND an actual work product. Too often executives get the same tactical and fun teamwork exercises as others.

What if team building experiences were for executives? What if each team experience improved all executive capabilities simultaneously. Imagine developing your communication, leadership, and strategic thinking all at the same time! Why not? That is the only way we lead. Very few challenges can be solved with only one skill or others would solve them before they get to us! Stop boring your executives with simple challenges.

What if your executive team building program was a unique design based on your leaders’ needs? Instead of off-the-shelf challenges, you want complexities added to your team exercises that force your executive teams to think and act differently. That requires a large number of customization options in every simulation and challenge. That is our game changing approach to building strong executive teams. Make the challenge real and meaningful to your executive team.

How you ask? Start with a complex challenge inside your business or get immersed in a leadership challenge new to your executive team. For example, put your executives into a Management Flight Simulator and see how they do selecting tactics, implementing choices, and competing in your market space. That is an unforgettable executive team building experience they will always remember.

Executive Team BuildingWhat if my executives don’t want to put in the time to develop as an executive team? Simple. Choose a result they want to achieve together then apply best practice collaboration and meeting tools. Your executive team wants to produce results. Take Leapfrog the Competition – executives LOVE to deconstruct and outsmart specific competitors. That’s team building with a purpose. So you want to make sure the executives create results quickly together AND are able to apply what they learn over and over again. That’s how you build bench strength in your executive team.

Executive team building works when your challenges directly reflect the realities of your executives. Or actually are the realities your executives face daily without solving. Take a group of telecom executives who hated having to attend executive team offsites. They completed 10 challenges to practice thinking differently. Then were confronted with 2 unsolvable problems and asked to choose one to solve… FIRST! 3 hours later, they had the Board Chair flying in to see what they had created. That is executive team building. There is a result that is of strategic importance. No one calls that kind of executive team building a waste of time.

You choose which you want:

Linear Progression 1 2 3 4 5…

Exponential Progression 1 2 4 8 16…

Achieve exponential returns from investing in your executive team over time. Moore’s Law works when you invest in executive teams too. Ongoing executive capacity building generates better strategies, business model innovation, new organizational capabilities, disruptive competitive moves. Don’t be afraid of big ideas. Big ideas are required to engage executives.

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