Successful Selling Skills

Successful Selling SkillsYou want sales. You recruit people with skills and experience. You set them free with demos, materials and targets. Yet only a few achieve the sales results you desire. You are never quite sure what is missing so you keep investing in CRMs, email marketing, and lead generation systems.

What if you could find out the missing ingredients? What if you could target specifically those missing ingredients and develop your sales team quickly? The result would be more sales. AND more confidence. And confidence fuels your sales team to ask for more, sell for more and close more often.

How do you make sure you have successful selling skills in your team? Avoid wasting time with off-the-shelf sales training programs. Focus your energies on 2 things.

First understand the unique market segments your sales people sell to. Get a deep understanding of your buyers. Remember the buyer is the one who buys so you want your focus on the buyers’ desired approach not on your sales approach. This one distinction can make you millions more in profit. You can start with a Buyer Insights Program if you want to develop the successful selling skill of distinguishing between your market segments. The Customer Value Matrix allows your sales team to speak to what is important to that buyer. Your team will be able to compare your value to your competitor’s value from the perspective of each of your buyer segments. Clients have raised revenue from $800 million to $1.4 billion applying these insights.

If your sales team calls on the same market segment then you want to give them the skills and behaviors to be successful with different types of buyers. Research proves that all buying decisions get made emotionally by buyers. This explains why purchasing keeps building more complicated processes to eliminate the human element. That human element could be a massive source of competitive advantage. The successful selling skills needed to take advantage of different buyer’s personal approaches can be learned through the Sell Naturally framework.

In Sell Naturally, your sales team learns to tailor their approach so it works for the buying approach of their buyer. Its stunningly simple. Here’s how it works – each buyer has a natural way they want to buy. When your sales people approach the buyer using their natural buying approach, buyers have fewer objections, trust more and buy more often. Your sales team discover their natural buying approach which explains why they do so well with some customers rather than others. It’s all because they have the same buying approach and therefore value the same things. The successful selling skills become about not selling and instead helping their buyer buy! This produces dramatically different results. Sales people feel more connected and clients have seen sales double by doing things the way their buyers want them done.

The next most important sales ability is Handling Objections. Clients have made this module the most popular module in our library. The reason is that this is where your sales people break trust and sell when they should be listening and asking questions. The most successful selling skills focus on helping clients through their buying process and their emotional resistance in their buying process.

Successful Selling SkillsYour sales team achieves 2x the outcomes in this program. First they practice a resistance handling technique that eliminates resistance, builds trust and keeps the customer in their buying process. Sound impossible – it isn’t! Your sales team practices how to listen and ask questions to solve their most challenging objections.

That’s the other outcome. Your team identifies their hardest and most challenging objections to test their successful selling skills. Then they collaborate together to solve them. Your sales team becomes a stronger team with stronger sales capabilities. AND they develop the Master Objection Matrix. The Master Objection Matrix becomes the most valued job aid for even the most experienced sales person.

Now your sales management can continually optimize the Master Objection Matrix. New sales people rapidly accelerate up the learning curve with this master cheat sheet. Your brand improves as the team becomes trusted advisors who illustrate their commitment to their customers in their selling approach.

If you truly want your team to develop successful selling skills then stop off-the-shelf sales training and use one of these 3 starting points. Each starting point helps your team develop the skills and behaviors to better serve your customers and be a stronger sales team.

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