Team Building Activities

You want team building activities that engage your team in a meaningful and purposeful way. You know that many of the common team activities focus on simple tasks designed to entertain. You know that leaders and their teams want to experience value in whatever exercise you choose.

What if your team could actually experience more value in a team activity that focuses on their world, their results and them? What if by working together as a team to make sure we have the right strategies, right tactics, right measures could actually benefit everyone more than contrived team exercises focused on developing social connections. What if you could actually develop deeper social connections by creating more meaning in your team activities?

You can engage your team through compelling immersive learning experiences. Here your team applies multiple skills at the same time – just like in real life. The benefit of these team building activities is that everyone can see their actual behavior. Then your team can immediately apply what they learned to your team’s actual situation.

Check out these two very different team engagement activities:

Team Building ActivitiesTeam Forward – Here teams deep dive into where they are going, they align on the direction, they identify what stands in the way of the results they want, they action plan how to get moving forward then track their progression toward their goals.

Team Building ActivitiesSave the Titanic – Here teams identify the strategies and tactics to address the situation aboard the Titanic after hitting the iceberg. Teams practice new tools to achieve results quickly and easily. Then the groups apply what they learned from their experience to their organization. They identify what stands in the way of the results they want and action plan how to get moving forward.

Either way, your team building activities need to deliver both increased capacity and an actual benefit to the team. Gone are the days where the team building was just for fun. Now we demand value to our customers, our roles, our workflow or our results. We want our work environment and work processes to get better. So we prefer team exercises that benefit our entire team.

Good team building activities engage your participants actively in something that interests them. Teams tend to be most interested in themselves. Team programs focusing on how we communicate, how we improve our workflow, and how we prioritize or solve challenges – these are the types of team activities that generate exponential return. Mainly because we leave with more capacity. Maintain a schedule of investment and you get exponential returns on your team building.

1 2 4 8 16 32… The bench strength of your team improves after every team development program and your team becomes unstoppable.

So how do you proceed from here? Before you choose a team building activity, make sure the organization wants to perform a needs assessment. No assessment means you are buying a product not a service. The service part is most important because really you want to make sure your team building activities fit your team’s needs and do not waste their time.

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